​Still discovering products made in Africa that I can highlight here …And I made a splendid discovery! 
So one night while I was coming home and buying soap for laundry, I saw a soap made of African black soap and shea butter. My favorite cosmetic ingredients! 😀 I ask the price and the girl told me 1 GHC! I took two directly!
 I would have taken a lot but my skin is so sensitive that I avoid making too much or spending too much on what could attack my skin. I hesitated for a while, moreover I was using a soap « Alata Samina » made with aloe Vera and african black soap. When this one is finished I started to use the soap and there … Hmmmm … 😍😍😍😍😍 My skin just loved soo much 😍😍😍😍

A softened soap for this area of ​​Africa is ideal … It cleans very well the skin and additionally does not leave it dry after the shower. Just pure happiness at 1 GHC only! As much to say that I did not regret my purchase … 

I am currently in my 3rd for that matter and frankly it gives me pleasure not to spend a lot for a good shower … And a good shampoo! The soap absolutely washes the hairBut be careful, I advise you nevertheless to use a real shampoo to thoroughly clean your scalp and use it even after shampooing!
Can you imagine! For less than 200 CFA francs you can use it in different ways and in addition the atopic skins like mine does not risk anything.

I’m just in love with African Products! 😍😍😍😍 ! This is the Africa I love!

 I also bought the « Body Scrub » with apricot extracts … It has a super good odour 😍😍😍😍😍 

And those ones too exist… I’ll try them after the Body Scrub.

 I can not wait to test them and if it really does wonders I will make an article …
It is all for our discovery + beauty test … It is Aqualis and it is Dream Cosmetics that offers this pleasure for our skins at small price. For people in the West or in countries where addresses serve something, you can have it on eBay.
Stay tuned…

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  1. « where the adresses serve something » LMAO

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