Visit Of Da Viva’s Store

I had already seen it once when i was going to the market « Accra » and I thought I had to go there. Last Thursday, the opportunity presented itself and I did not hesitate.

So Da Viva is a brand that makes wax or loincloth that we Africans love so much. They are created mainly in Nigeria and Ghana. And in Ghana, it’s Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL) that fabrics it. I intend to type #LIncruste to see the process of creating these sublime fabrics but it’s not for now.

So let’s talk about the shop …

If you are visiting Accra or you live there it’s not far from UT Bank on your left if you come from Circle right next to the « Free Macons House » when heading to the Accra market.

I was accompanied by Kid Sean who became « Giggaboy » who also put at ease in the shop with the saleswomen.

We entered and we were received by a man very well dressed in wax, it is besides he who told us that the factory is not in Accra. Then I had the opportunity to visit the shop and they allowed me to show you that …

What I liked most is the fact that the prices are very cheap, it is difficult to imagine wax at 17 GHC (around 2500 FCFA ), the yard or 86 GHC (around 12 000 FCFA ) for 6 yards and even it was the most expensive. That was for « Ultimate« .

Then we also have the two tones, with a wax tone and another united to make beautiful outfits and this kind is at 45 GHC (~ 6000 FCFA) and 65 GHC (~ 10000 FCFA). 

There is this bag that was a very big beat of heart.

A mixture of faux leather and wax … All for a nice backpack I nearly crunched to buy but I could not. It was on sale at 45 GHC (~ 6000 FCFA). Small pinch in the heart but I was content to buy a banner in wax at 5 GHC (~ 750) that I wear here.

I wanted to visit because I had heard about it and wanted to check prices. We are in an Africa that needs to be consumed locally, Dimbudidolane’s mission is to highlight what is being done here here. 

Concerning the wax market, with which we claim our African culture, it is time that we also consume what is done on the spot.
The quality of the textile may be different, not being as heavy as Vlisco for example, but since we do not wear a single coat every day. Let’s buy Da Viva to participate in the economy of our Africa and anyway it’s hot so if you want to dress yourself heavy it’s your choice.

That’s all for this visit to the Da Viva store, while waiting for the visit of the factory I invite you to visit their site to see the different models that they propose.

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